CRAOI  is powered by a community of well-being and business experts who are all coming together to redesign workplace well-being. Each of us truly cares about your well-being. Collectively we are on a mission to help you prioritise your well-being at work and beyond, so that you can thrive across all aspects of your life. That is the beauty of CRAOI.


  • Founder of CRAOI
  • Qualified Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher
  • Certified Health Coach & Wellness Coach
  • Completed multiple courses on Positive Psychology, and the Science of Wellbeing & Happiness
  • Director of Global Product Marketing for a Forbes top 100 AdTech Company

‘I have combined my years of experience and knowledge of both the corporate and well-being industries to create CRAOI.’

“We truly believe that people are key to the success of any organisation. We understand that prioritising wellness and maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be a challenge. We are passionate about delivering this holistic solution which is unique to each individual user and their needs”