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14 Day Happiness Challenge with the Serenity Club

Now more than ever our mental health is important. No doubt we are all having good days and bad days due to so many things happening that are completely out of our control. However, there is one thing within our control. That is; How can we respond to the absolute chaos and uncertainty the universe is currently throwing our way?

It is completely normal and expected to feel extremely vulnerable right now, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As Sigmund Freud perfectly puts it: “Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”

Imagine if we could use this time to learn more about ourselves and come out the other end a stronger and happier version of who we were to begin with. Why not give it a try, what have we got to lose!

Happiness has been proven to be more of a choice than something that is affected by things that we cannot control. Happiness is also a life journey and not just a switch we can flick on. It is something we can improve over time, by incorporating practices and consciousness into our daily routines. Did you know that there are key things most people think will make them happy when that is just not the case? We are going through life writing the wrong wish list! Things that should be on this list are certain things that we might not even be aware of. Over the next week I invite you all to join me on a mini 7 Day Happiness Challenge, where we will focus on those things that are proven to boost our happiness. Every day we will post a new Happiness Challenge. These will be in the form of a task or focus for that day. They will range from 10-minute action points to consciously focusing your mind on a thought or emotion throughout the day. Alongside this we will share insights into why we are focusing on that specific challenge and evidence to back this up. I am so happy you have taken this step and look forward to facilitating your own unique happiness journey.

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