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F L O W E R  P O W E R 

The ingredient of the month for us just has to be cauliflower. At this stage we would nearly go as far as crowning it ingredient of the year. With the winter weather still upon us, we think that now is an appropriate time to give this humble brassica a little bit of limelight.

We love cauliflower to the point of probably being unable to live without it, in all it’s versatile, delicious, nutrient dense glory. Here we will highlight some of the reasons you should be stocking up, and adding it to as many dishes as you can. Read on and you will soon know why it is high on our superfood list.

Summary of benefits

  • Sustainable 
  • In season most of the year, meaning freshness, low food miles, supporting local farmers and encouraging natural growth and farming
  • Super versatile with endless ways to be prepared and enjoyed
  • A nutrient powerhouse that will have you feeling great

Living in Ireland, it is hard to find diversity in your fridge or pantry while also focusing on seasonality, thankfully our flowery friend is one that you can be sure is grown locally, and at its nutritional peak throughout pretty much the whole year! One of the only veg with such abundant availability on our lovely island 

It is one of the most versatile staples to keep in your fridge, its uses really are endless and we will have lots of recipes coming up, featuring it somewhere in the dish, that will be suitable for even the biggest cauliflower sceptics. 

From soups, to curries, salads & stews, in place of rice, griddled with its charred leaves, pureed, battered, baked and pan fried. The flavour combinations it is capable of pulling off are endless and texturally it can be manipulated to compliment and resemble a whole host of dishes.

Nutritionally, it packs a serious punch, full of fibre, anti-oxidants and minerals, it is a super low fat, low carb food that can replace any main dish to ensure you are consuming a light + extremely healthy complete meal. Its benefits for the body are endless, with it being high in vitamin C it is a super cancer fighting food, it is great for heart health, skin health and is a great anti inflammatory! Making it a vegetable friend you really want to get to know.

To really get the most from your new flowery bestie, we recommend preparing it with care and respect to ensure you are keeping as many nutrients as possible in tact. If making cauliflower “rice” just gently sautéing it in a pan until softened. If steaming, ensure it is kept with some bite and not cooked for too long. If roasting or grilling, give it a little colour but again, not keeping it on the heat for too long. A lot of vegetables benefit from being cooked gently and cauliflower is one of them; it is always important not to cook away all the goodness that the vegetable has to offer.

So go on, get adventurous and find your flower flare, your body will thank you!



(*Lots of healthy, easy cauliflower recipes coming soon – stay tuned!).

Author: Naturally Nourished