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Clodagh is our Happiness Expert, Certified Health & Wellness Coach and the Co-Founder of CRAOI

Day Two Audio File – Finding Your Ikigai

Day Two Task:

Your Ikigai

Take some time today to think about the following question:
‘What is the one simple thing you could do or do today that would be an expression of your Ikigai?’

Make your favorite tea/ coffee/ drink and choose a spot in your home or garden to sit comfortably. Relax your shoulders. Place your feet firmly on the floor, connecting to the ground. Place your hands loosely on your lap.
Take a deep breath in your nose and slowly exhale out your mouth. Do this 3 times.

Ask yourself these questions and write down your answers in your journal:
1. What do I value the most in life?
2. What do I love doing?
3. What am I good at?

Look at your answers and then ask yourself how these are connected and can be transformed into something you could get paid for; something that the world needs. This is your reason for being, your true Ikigai.