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Stress is a word that we are hearing a lot lately. This isn’t a surprise, life has thrown so many curve balls over the last 24 months.

Do we understand the impact that too much stress it is having on our body and our mind? Do we understand and listen to the triggers and signals that our body sends when we are nearing stress or are we so used to being in this state that we simple ignore them? 

We were keen to speak with our partners and get their take on stress and if they believe that there are effect ways to managing this.

In this video, Aoife chats with Jonny Holland about his take on stress and how it can impact nutrition, performance, work and life.

Jonny is a performance nutritionist, working with Cork senior hurling and football as well as Cork ladies football and is currently undertaking an MSc in Applied Sports & Exercise Nutrition. Jonny is a retired professional rugby player with Munster rugby.