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Join our amazing expert nutritionist and foodie from Naturally Nourished for this Korean inspired recipe packed full of goodness.

Makes 12 -16 pancakes 

Difficulty: Moderate 

Time: 35 mins approx 

We are huge fans of Asian flavours and incorporate them into so many of our warm dishes, salads and healthy bowls. 

You just cant beat the umami richness of soy, sesame, fish sauce and the amazing texture and flavours of so many Asian vegetables. The variety of different combinations really is endless. 

Our Korean pancakes are one of those dishes that once you try them, you will want to make again and again. The perfect midweek dinner or lunch, dinner party entree when entertaining or even a transportable lunch option to take to work.

The ingredient list may seem a bit daunting but a lot of these are cupboard staples that you may already have and the others are very inexpensive ingredients with a long shelf life so wont go to waste and are a good investment as they are packed with protein and nutrients.  Mung beans being one of the best plant based sources of protein means they are an extremely handy, low cost food to have to hand and a great one to help you get through some no meat days without every feeling that you arent fully satiated

Check out the recipe here