Clodagh CRAOI:

Clodagh is our Happiness Expert, a Certified Health & Wellness Coach and the Co-Founder of CRAOI. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and the Global Director for a leading AdTech company.

‘I believe Happiness is a life journey and not just a switch we can flick. It is something we can look to improve over time, by incorporating daily practices and consciousness into our routines.’

Clodagh has always had a passion for wellness, incorporating wellness practices into her daily life from a young age. She has personally dealt with anxiety and depression and understands that life can be extremely challenging at times. When she was going through her most difficult time, she fully immersed herself into work. What started as a means of distraction,  developed into years of an unhealthy work life balance.  After a year of a particular dark spell, she started to prioritize her well-being by introducing key tools and dedicated time for wellness every day. She used a journal to organize her work week with more structure, and created plans that included classes and practices that she truly benefited from. It transformed her work life balance and she attributes this time to her healing and positive personal development. Her personal story is what lead her to become the co-founder of CRAOI and her mission is to share her learnings with individuals, to help them to also create and maintain a healthy work-life balance by always putting their well-being first.

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