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Where it all began…

Our Founder’s Personal Journey

‘2 years ago, I found myself overwhelmed at work, and extremely anxious. The boundaries between my work life and personal life became completely blurred and I could never switch off. I went from a confident and optimistic person who loved my job, to someone who dreaded logging onto work every day. I was not bringing my best self to work and I know it was showing through my projects and how I was interacting with my team.

I spoke with friends and colleagues; they were having their own challenges. I discovered that there are millions of people like me out there. Each one with their own unique struggles. In fact, research shows that the burnout crisis is at an all time high, and now more than ever, employees and companies need more than just a tick the box solution to well-being, they need a preventative.

Research shows that the burnout crisis is currently at an all-time high Our global survey of 250 employees showed that 77% recently suffered from burnout. I know the effects that it can have on all aspects of your life. I have dedicated the last 2 years to creating a personalised preventative and effective solution to this very problem.’

According to the Healthy Working Report 2020 :

More than 80% of Irish workers have felt stressed at work

40% say they have experienced some form of burnout

Only about 30% believe they have a good work-life balance

According to 2022 research conducted by Deloitte:

70% of employees believe employers are not doing enough to prevent or alleviate burnout

70% are considering resignation in favour of a job that better supports their well-being

81% are now prioritising their well-being over career progression

CRAOI provides employees and busy individuals with the right tools to live a happy and healthy life through restoring balance and prioritising their well-being, beginning in the workplace.

We offer key market demands Healthy habit builders focusing on individual motivation for long term success such as:



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Content backed by science





Our Values

Honesty is our first policy

Honesty is the foundation of our recommendations. You are involved every step of the way and we take into account your personal wellbeing goals and lifestyle to provide you with honest guidance from industry leading experts. We recommend a well-being plan that will be most effective in supporting your unique needs.

“In times of great uncertainty, it was enormously helpful to feel grounded and focused, using nothing but my own thoughts and being guided by CRAOI.”

Vanja W, Australia