Our Values

Honesty is the foundation of our recommendations.

You are involved every step of the way and we take into account your personal well-being goals and lifestyle to provide you with honest guidance from industry leading experts. We recommend a well-being plan that will be most effective in supporting your unique needs.

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Curated for you – by you

You are at the heart of everything that we do. CRAOI is created for you by you – we listen to what you want and need.

We closely monitor the market to ensure that we are offering the best of everything and by offering regular surveys to our users, we gather monthly feedback that allows us to identify any gaps and onboard leading partners to ensure we are offering the right choice across our 4 wellbeing pillars.

Obsessed in a good way!

We provide you with access to classes and content that we use in our everyday lives. We don’t just provide you with recommendations, we are sharing the secret to successful balanced wellness because we know that it works – we walk the walk.

Our research & development team are dedicated to travelling the world, forging relationships with boutique wellness providers across all 4 key pillars, who are as committed to helping individuals restore balance and aligned with our values. We take this job so seriously that our founder is and always will be an active member of this team.





All of our partnerships offerings are tested not once, not twice but three times – minimum!

We are dedicated to trialling and testing every single class, recipe, piece of advice ourselves before they pass the test and become available on CRAOI. Not only does this allow us to make a promise of quality to you that we can back, it’s also a lot of fun!

We take this seriously

Have we mentioned that?

Transparency is key

Always Quality over Quantity!

We offer full transparency into how we evaluate our content and make decisions about our partnerships. When onboarding our partners, we will work with them to ensure that they align with our values, we will ensure that their story rings loud and true and that their brand & ethos is explained clearly and openly so that you truly know what you are getting.

We introduce products when we feel they meet our strict principles of quality, transparency, and efficacy.

We know how important choice is, but we also know that quality is at the heart of everything that we do.

We have a unique and specific vetting process for all of the content and partners that we add to our offering – we can promise that you are accessing the best quality and we will never bend the rules – that’s a promise.

Ssssh – this one’s our little secret.

The Craic

Our secret 5th Pillar

Our fifth unmentioned pillar is ‘the craic’. With everything that we do, we ensure that we have fun.

This is a key value that we come back to every time we engage with users, partners and prospects. We take our business very seriously however, we also know that laughter is truly the best medicine, so we always have fun along the way and want to make sure that you do too!

Born from care & made with love

We have created CRAOI because we truly care and want to help all individuals to improve their wellbeing.

By improving our wellbeing we can truly live our best possible life – one that is full of happiness, and who doesn’t want to be happy!

Happy is in abundance; it’s unlimited and there for everyone. If we can help one person to tap into their truest form of happiness, then we have fulfilled our companies purpose. If they can help someone and pass it along, then we have fulfilled our dream.