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Working so many hours has effects on your well-being in and out of work. It’s time to become more efficient through a renewed focus, allowing you to prioritize your well-being in work and beyond.


To get started with some free content for your persona, visit our CRAOI Content page by clicking here and look for your persona, shown in the top left corner of the content image. CRAOI works with leading industry experts to curate bespoke content to support your persona with the purpose of empowering you to maintain balance and prioritise your well-being every day, starting in the workplace.

CRAOI focuses on four holistic pillars; Movement, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Happiness with key themes running across all our content to help you improve your Sleep, Focus, Energy and Creativity.  When you join as a CRAOI Member, you can access all this content via your personalised dashboard, along with your well-being assessments, recommended plans, personalised calendars and more. Our Dashboard is launching soon – subscribe today to stay up to date across Dashboard launch, monthly Newsletters and more.

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