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We have all heard of the benefits of reaching the goal of your 5 a day portions of fruits and veggies, but what if we went one step further and aimed towards a more optimal goal of reaching 8 a day! 

Not only does this assist you in eating a lot more healthy and less calorie dense foods, naturally and unintentionally helping to maintain a healthy weight but it will undoubtedly help you to feel lighter, healthier and feel a lot more energetic. In turn allowing you to feel more naturally drawn to being a bit more active, helping to keep your brain sharp and your skin clear, along with improving your body on a cellular level metabolically and hormonally. 

People often speak about supplementation and vitamin recommendations etc and the minimum amount of these specific micronutrients we should intake, but very few discuss how much, with some of these nutrients, specifically from foods, we should be ingesting to be at OPTIMUM levels of health, not just the base line minimum. So being in the mindset of reaching an 8 a day goal not only makes you reaching your 5 a day MINIMUM a lot easier but pushes you to reach the OPTIMUM state of health, which is where we would all like to be at.


In Ireland and a lot of cooler climates it is difficult to gain access to a large variety of fruits and vegetables outside of the summer months, unless it is flown from thousands of miles away which we would never encourage consuming, but over the coming weeks we will discuss ways in which we can ensure we are getting the benefits of all of these amazing nutrients from preserving summers bounty in a way that will nourish us well into the Autumn and winter months. 

Author: Naturally Nourished