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The People First Approach

Our expertly designed platform combines a personal approach with interactive tools and on-demand content, backed by science, to empower employees to prioritise their well-being. Focusing on four holistic pillars: Movement, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Happiness, CRAOI supports the whole person, not just one aspect of well-being.





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Step One: Let's Get Personal

Access your CRAOI well-being assessment and receive expertly recommended content across our four pillars, based on your answers and truly unique to you.


Step Two: Take It One Step At A Time

CRAOI believes in introducing small healthy habits for long-term success and shares solutions that are proven to improve focus, energy, creativity and happiness, so that you and your time can reap the benefits only at work but in life as well.


Step Three: The Human Touch

No matter our good intentions, we all have good days and bad days. CRAOI will help keep you accountable with regular reminders, incentives and rewards, and lots of amazing content that will just be too good to miss.
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Redesigning Workplace Wellness

Thank you so much for creating and hosting the 7-day happiness challenge last week, I really enjoyed it. I surprised myself with how much it resonated with me. Day 4 – gratitude – has helped to remind me of all the things I have in my life to be grateful for. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful in work, and beyond.

Oisín H. CanadaSelf-Employed

CRAOI has helped me identify areas that I want to focus more on, both from a career point of view as well as my personal life. In times of great uncertainty, it was enormously helpful to feel grounded and focused, using nothing but my own thoughts and being guided by CRAOI.

Vanja W. AustraliaVP Sales, APAC

I found that I changed my habits after listening to sleep strategies and I have already seen an improvement in my sleep.

BKK Employee
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