The CRAOI Approach

When it comes to wellbeing it’s personal. That’s why we have created a truly personalised solution, powered by data and technology, to drive meaningful change.

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CRAOI Stands Out

By providing goal-setting tools that supports behaviour change, personalised reminders for accountability and a calendar integration that meets users where they are in their busy workday, CRAOI is designed to drive significantly higher engagement rates than other offerings in market.

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Expertly Designed To Support With Wellbeing At Work

Success Is Just A Guess Until It’s Measured

Data-Driven Insights For A Healthier, Happier And More Engaged Workforce

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Supporting Companies Of All Sizes In The Best Possible Way

At CRAOI, we specialise in workplace wellbeing solutions for corporate companies and their employees. We understand the importance of supporting your team’s wellbeing to ensure that your company thrives. That’s why we’re excited to share our amazing range of offerings for the upcoming year that compliment our CRAOI technology and mobile app beautifully, or can be used as highly effective and valuable stand-alone offerings throughout the year.

Wellness App

Our Mobile Wellness App is at the heart of our offering because it drives value and offers support to your employees in a way that will truly work for them. Companies pay for a minimum number of user licences and in return, your employees receive access across our full mobile app solution.

Add-On Services

Purchased in combination with our Mobile App to further support you and your people or as stand alone services to introduce and elevate your employee wellness offering. Our add-on services include wellbeing workshops, onsite classes, 1-2-1 coaching, group coaching and more.

Expert Support

Partner with a dedicated CRAOI member for expert support in implementing or enhancing your company's wellbeing initiatives. Our qualified experts bring years of experience in corporate and wellness industries, allowing you to delegate wellbeing responsibilities and focus on other key aspects of your business.

Placing Employees At The Heart Of Every Company

Built, created and curated by wellbeing experts CRAOI supports all work environments wherever you are at on your company wellbeing journey.

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