At CRAOI, we know that when it comes to wellbeing it’s personal. We are all on our own journeys and everyone has a different path to their personal wellness and happiness. CRAOI is here to help you find yours.

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The Human First Approach

We believe in the power of technology, science, and data to make the journey simpler, but above all else, we believe in the human approach. We are combining human empathy, creativity and expertise, with advanced technology, data and science to deliver a solution that can truly drive meaningful change.

By combining years of experience in both the corporate world and the wellness industry CRAOI was born to drive meaningful change in a way that works for busy employees and companies.


CRAOI Was Born From Purpose

Armed with a clear problem to solve and fuelled by passion and expertise, CRAOI was born in 2021, founded by Clodagh. Clodagh has 15+ years in corporate leadership, including her most recent role at Rakuten Advertising as Global director of GTM and Commercial Strategy. She is an expert in team leadership and global brand management. She's a wellness industry veteran for over a decade, with qualifications as a yoga teacher, health coach and wellness coach. Recognised as an employee wellness authority, she founded CRAOI during the pandemic to empower sustainable workday habits, combatting workplace burnout globally

“2 years ago, like so many others, I found myself overwhelmed at work, and extremely anxious. The boundaries between work life and personal life became completely blurred, making it hard to switch-off. I was not bringing my best self to work and I know it was showing through my projects and how I was interacting with my team. I decided to put into action everything I had learned over the years about wellbeing and began practicing what I preach by prioritising my own. It honestly helped me so much. I began to thrive at work again and realised it was time to share this knowledge and support with so many others out there who need it.”

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Our Values Are What We Believe In

Born from care and made with love; CRAOI always has your best interests at heart.



Honesty; it’s the foundation of our personalised recommendations to you. In return, we cherish the honest feedback from our users and clients.

Passionate Commitment

We are obsessed with wellness and passionately share our practices for balanced living and always striving to find an effective way to improve.

Quality Excellence

Quality over quantity; we test everything rigorously, ensuring quality and fun in every partnership offering.

Authentic Transparency

We're transparent about our content and partners, ensuring alignment with our values.

Growth and Exploration

Our R&D team forges ongoing relationships to restore balance in our key pillars of wellness. We are determined to continue to learn and grow.

Joyful Wellbeing

We add "the craic" and genuinely enjoy all of the work that we do,making wellness a joyful journey for our users and our clients.

Sustainability is Front of Mind

We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a sustainable business model, while supporting companies to improve their sustainability efforts too.


Clean Eating

Through CRAOI we promote healthier, plant-based dietary choices among our users. Eating more plant-based foods and reducing meat consumption can have a positive impact on both health and the environment.

Eco-friendly Commuting

At CRAOI, we lead by example and promote eco-friendly commuting. Our team walks or cycles to and from meetings and to our co-working office as often as possible and weather permitting. Not only does it help to be more eco-friendly, but the breaks in the fresh air better support our own wellbeing goals.

Hybrid Working

We share a co-working space with others and also support and encourage regular remote working days every week.

Reduce Paper Usage

We minimise the use of paper and physical materials. All content, resources, and support is available through our app. We encourage users and clients to access information digitally, reducing the need for printed materials.

Co-Working Spaces

By sharing a co-working space with others, this reduces the need for office space and daily commuting, lowering both our environmental impact and overhead costs.

Supporting Wellbeing

At CRAOI we are dedicated to enhancing employee wellbeing across other companies, but especially across our own. This is a direct contribution to Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being, which is one of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.

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