What are the Pillars?

CRAOI is your online wellness ally, offering content across four unique pillars; Movement, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Happiness.

This content is curated by industry experts who are all qualified and established in the area of expertise. The content is delivered in various formats, to appeal to all users and learning techniques; video, audio and written and our content focuses on education, motivation and inspiration.

How do I access all CRAOI Content?

You can access content from CRAOI on our website by 1) visiting Our Content page – this offers a range of content that you can access for free. The rest of our content will be accessible from our CRAOI Member Dashboard for a paid subscription – this is in final development stage and will be launching next month 2) visiting Our Courses page under ‘For You’  where you can purchase and access a range of content that has been designed specifically to support with your work-life balance and introduce you to our pillars and content.


CRAOI Member Dashboard *Coming Soon*

CRAOI members can access all of our content from their personalised dashboard once they subscribe to CRAOI. CRAOI offers subscriptions offer for 1 month, 3 months (discounted) and 6 months (discounted further). Once you become a member and login to your personalised dashboard, you will access our bespoke Well-Being Assessment and once complete you will receive your recommended content, based on your answers across each pillar. You can then start adding the content that appeals to you into your personalised CRAOI calendar; you are in control of how many goals you set yourself each week and CRAOI is here to support you with reminders and progress tracking. As a member you will also have access to all content, courses and more. You can access everything whenever you want to, however you want to. You are in control because you know your needs best.

How do I sign up to CRAOI?

Our CRAOI Member Dashboard will be launching next month. Once live to become a CRAOI member you can subscribe to one of our options; 1 month subscription, 3 month subscription (discounted), 6 month subscription (discounted further).


In the meantime, you can sign up to our newsletters and stay up to date by ‘subscribing’ to CRAOI and submitting your email address. Don’t worry we won’t spam you – we know that you are very busy – what we will do is send some content and updates monthly so that you can access free work-life balance tools and keep up to date on our launch, events and other fun things.

What are the CRAOI courses like?

Our courses are available for everyone, members and non-members.  CRAOI courses are the perfect way for non-members to see what our CRAOI community is all about. Our courses will vary from challenges set by our partners, to the occasional art class, photography course, nature excursions or pillar masterclasses and beginner guides.

We also package our most popular content from each month as a 7 day course for those that are intrigued by CRAOI but not fully ready to commit. We want everyone to benefit from our amazing partner content.

CRAOI courses will be focused on improving overall well-being and they will be fun so that we can all get the most enjoyment out of life.

What is the difference between CRAOI contents and CRAOI courses?

CRAOI content is created by our exclusive partners and is specific to our 4 pillars, Movement, Mindfulness, Happiness, and Nutrition. Some content is available on our website for free.  This is content that we believe is topical and so important that we want everyone to benefit from it.  However, the majority of our content is available for members only and lives in our user platform which is coming soon.

CRAOI courses are available for everyone and will give non-members the opportunity to benefit from our content and experience our community vibe. Our courses will have a broad range of topics such as pillar masterclasses and beginner guides, challenges set by our partners, art classes, photography courses and nature excursions.

We are always open to suggestions, CRAOI was created for you. If you would like to see something new in our courses or content please let us know [email protected] 

What is the Work Life Balance Quiz?

Our Work Life Balance Quiz is a short 5 question quiz which will give you a persona.

We ask 5 simple questions about your daily routine and work habits. We encourage honesty when answering this quiz, sometimes life gets so busy that we don’t even realise that good habits have slipped. It is also fun to see if it resonates with you. Give it a go here.