Prioritise Your People With A Well-Being Solution That Helps Them Be

Happier Healthier More Engaged At Work

A Human Approach

Every person has their own set of values, interests and needs. To maximize return on investment, it is important that employees are given access to a well-being solution  that is unique and tailored to them.

The Heart Of Your Company

We believe that employees are at the heart of every company’s success. In order for employees to bring their best to work, they need a solution that helps them to thrive. Research shows that when employees have healthy and happy hearts they can retain more information, have better mental agility, resilience, self-awareness, are more productive, more engaged and do not want to leave.

What Your Employees Want

Employee engagement and wellness are inseparable. Studies have proven that healthy employees are happier and show higher rates of job satisfaction.

At CRAOI, we believe that providing the best solution starts with asking the right questions.  That’s why we conducted a global survey of nearly 250 employees across 7 countries and this is what we found out:


Have recently suffered from burnout in the workplace


Want a well-being solution at work that offers them choice and flexibility


Want to invest more time improving their well-being at work but don’t know where to start


Would like to access Mindfulness tools including guided meditations, breathwork sessions and expert advice


Would like to see scientific research & expert advice on how to improve their overall well-being & happiness


Would like to focus on improving their happiness through gratitude and social connections


Trusted By Leading Companies & Employees

‘I found that I changed my habits after listening to sleep strategies and I have already seen an improvement in my sleep.'

Employee at BKK

'I found the walking meditation really grounded me, I listened at home and also at my desk.'

Employee at RDJ

'I am really enjoying the happiness content, I find the daily tasks and voice/article an excellent combination.'

Employee at Morgan McKinley

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