Martin Brady:

Martin is a former sniper & sergeant in the Irish army,where he served for 17 years in various leadership capacities both at home and abroad. Martin has served on multiple tours of duty,from his first tour of duty at 17 years old in Liberia,Africa to various tours in the Middle East and the balkans. Each of these roles was in a leadership capacity.

Since transitioning into the health and fitness industry Martin spent a number of years in various different roles, particularly within sports performance before transitioning online,where he now operates a programme called the built to lead programme.

The ethos and principles of this programme is based around three (3) key pillars: 

  • Mental resilience 
  • Physical performance 
  • Personal standards 

Martin has a passion for working with people in a Leadership role from business owners to people working in a managerial position,and helping them to turn up as their absolute best physically,mentally and emotionally. 

Martin is both a certified Strength & conditioning coach and life coach. He is living in cobh co.cork. Married to Rosanne, they both have two boys Ryan and shay. 


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