Naturally Nourished:

At Naturally Nourished we believe in the power of eating real, uncomplicated and nutritionally dense food.  Our focus is on fuelling the body and mind. Therefore, we are true believers in the ‘eating to feel good’ model.  You will see this at play across all of our recipes for breakfast / lunch and afternoon snacks. They will nourish and sustain you, keeping you powered through until your next meal, without any blood sugar spikes or crashes.

Stemming from a desire to ensure you can still be nourished when on the go, our content focuses on providing the time poor with healthy, balanced and quick recipes. If you get the chance to visit our cafes. located in Cork City, you will find a range of locally sourced ingredients across all our dishes and products from various local artisans. We make the very most of the bounty of amazing food and crafts our Island has to offer.

Our ethos is that the best food experiences come firstly from sourcing amazing local food and coffee. Secondly, enjoying it from a crafted bowl or mug and thirdly, savouring it mindfully with friends, family or in the peace and joy of your own company. We are so excited to be partnering with CRAOI to share our exclusive content, delicious recipes, and expert advice with you. Balance is key in life so lets get focusing on creating a more balanced approach to nutrition, and to life in general.

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